Prophet Gregory Clarke Sr.

Temple Seer in P.O.M.E. Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah

Monday, August 28, 2006

Once the MInd has been.....

The title of this post brings to bear the ability that we are what we choose our mind to be. See, once the mind has been... and you add to this your enlightenment, expansion and renewing; your mind can not go back to its original size, understanding and old principles that do not bring life. The Master Prophet has taught and expressed this to us on many occasions. Your mind is ever-growing and God is always speaking to the Mind...if you choose to hear. We all want the God-kind of Mind. As the scripture in Phil 2:5, the Mind we are working towards is as plain as day. Once you have arrived at this level, you will be able to command your immediate enviornment into the manifestations that God has placed within you. God loves expansion, not contraction. Do not put God in a box in reference to the situations of your life. There is no box for God. Get the negative aspects of your experience out in the open and confront them and change them into what you desire them to be. Your Mind is great and vast and the infinity well is waiting for you to draw from it. I would love your comments about this and I know this will be liberating to you!!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Your Manifestation Is Here

Do you know that God has already given you the power that you are seeking? God has bestowed gifts and abilities to you that will bring about greatness...if you tap into it. Our goal is to become the best that God has already ordained for you to be. You are your greatest asset. Like any great corporation that is in the earth, you must begin to mine your treasure and present it to the outside world. As the Master Prophet has taught us,"You can be your own worst enemy (inner-me)", and with this revelation comes the responsibility that there is no one else to blame for your circumstances. You make the world that is around you. If you would like the enviornment to change, the change starts with you. I hope this thought has stimulated something in you towards your greater destiny!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Prophet Gregory Clarke Sr.

Welcome to my Prophetic Blog. I am in P.O.M.E. - Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah. The teachings will change and impact your life. You have made the right step on your path to expand and become what God has proclaimed for you. Come and receive new and fresh spiritual food for your being and reconnect with yourself. Do you have the call? I know you do. Let God enlighten and mold you as you help the world through service. Why P.O.M.E?? If you are a seeker who wishes to bring the mind of God for the edification of His Glory, ask me and I will assist you!!!!
One of my favorite books from the Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan is Comsic Economics. Cosmic Economics will bring new insight and spark your mind to tap the Money-Tree that is already inside of you. To be a business owner is what God has inspired you to become. Be prepared for a life changing experience...your journey has begun.

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